Intercolumnar Wall E (65-67)

Esna Tempel 11

Esna 65

  • Location: Facade, Intercolumnar E
  • Date: Domitian
  • Hieroglyphic Text
  • Bibliography: None

Cartouches of Vespasian.

Esna 66

mj m ḥtp
ẖnm=k pr-wr m pr-m-qd
ʿq=k ḥw.t-nṯr m nḏm-jb
wʿ nn ḏw nb ḫr=k

mḥn=j ḥr tp=k
mj nb-ḏr
mnḥ.n=j tpy.w nw ḫfty.w=k
m rn=j pfy n Mnḥy.t

Come in peace!114
Unite with the Per-wer in extasy,
enter the temple in joy,
being pure, without evil.

I am coiled (mḥn) upon your head,
like (I would for) the All Lord,
I have cut off (mnḥ) the heads of your enemies,
in my name of Menhyt (Mnḥy.t).115

Esna 67

The King

(tbrys grwtys ksrs nty-ḫwỉ)|
2zȝ-Rʿ nb-ḫʿ.w
(krmnyqs ȝwdgrtwr)|

The King of Upper and Lower Egypt,
Lord of the Two Lands,
(Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus)|
2 Son of Re, Lord of Appearances,
(Germanicus Autokrator)|


3ḏd-mdw n ḥr-zȝ-Is.t
ỉwʿʿ mnḫ n (wn-nfr mȝʿ-ḫrw)|
4nb ʿbw šȝʿ twr

ʿbw=k ʿbw ḏḥwty

ʿbw=k ʿbw Dwn-ʿn.wy

wʿb kȝ=k ḫr Rʿ
6swʿb.n tw Is.t
m nṯr.t
snṯr.n tw m nṯr(?)

ỉw=k ḫʿ.tw
m nsw.t zȝ nsw.t
ḥr s.t-8ḥr
ḫnty ʿnḫ.w
ḏ.t zp-snw nḥḥ zp-snw

9ʿb.n tw ḥnʿ kȝ=k
m mw nṯry ỉỉ m snm.t
mỉ wʿb p.t n Rʿ

Words spoken by Harsiese,
beneficent heir of (Wennefer, justified)|
lord of purity, who began purification.

Your purity is the purity of Thoth,
and vice-versa!

Your purity is the purity of Dewen-anwy,
and vice-versa!

You Ka is pure before Re,
since Isis purified you
in Netjeri,116
you were purified as Thoth.

You remain and appear in glory
as the king, son of a king,
upon the throne of Horus,
foremost of the living,
for ever and ever!

You were purified with your Ka,
with divine water which came from Senmet,117
just as the sky is pure for Re.


10ḏd-mdw n nb ḫmnw
nb mdw-nṯr
nb ʿbw šȝʿ swʿb

11ʿbw=k ʿbw ḥr

ʿbw=k ʿbw 12Gbb
ṯz pẖr

wʿb ḥʿw=k mỉ Itm(?)
nn mn.t 13nb ḫr=k

ḏḥwty (ḥr) dr sḏb.w=k
twr 14tw m p.t ḫr Rʿ
snṯr.n tw m tȝ ḫr psḏ.t=f

ỉw=k m bỉty n nḥḥ
ḥr ns.t n Rʿ
ḫnty ʿnḫ.w

16ʿb.n tw m mw ỉpn
n ʿnḫ-wȝs
swʿb ḥʿw=k m mw rnp
pr m ṯpḥ.t

10 Words spoken by the Lord of Hermopolis,
Lord of Hieroglyphs,
Lord of purity, who began purification.

11 Your purity is the purity of Horus,
and vice-versa!

Your purity is the purity of 12 Geb,
and vice-versa!

You body is pure like Atum,118
without any illness upon you.

Thoth is repelling all your impurity,
you are purified in heaven before Re,
you were censed on earth before his Ennead.

You remain as king for eternity,
upon the throne of Re,
foremost of the living.

You have been purified with this water
of ʿnḫ-wȝs;119 your body is purified with fresh water
which came forth from the Cavern.


17ḏd-mdw n Mnḥy.t wr.t
nb(.t) ḫnt-tȝ
sḫm.t 18ʿȝ.t
nb.t sḫm.wt nb.wt

nb(.t) ʿbw
ḥtp(.t) ḥr twr
ỉr(.t) nty
19qmȝ(.t) wnn.t
Bȝšt.t(?) ʿšȝ ḥb.w

20ḏỉ=ỉ pr n=k ḥʿpỉ
m ṯpḥ.t=f
r ʿȝ wr

Words spoken by Menhyt the great,
Lady of Khent-ta,
Sakhmet the great,
Lady of all the Sakhmets.120

Lady of purity,
who is pleased with cleanliness,
who made what is,
and created what exists:
Bastet(?),121 numerous of festivals.

I cause Hapi to come forth
from his grotto for you,
very greatly.