Column F (187-193)

Esna 187

  • Location: Column F, Middle Bandeau
  • Date: Domitian
  • Hieroglyphic Text
  • Bibliography: None

Esna 187 A

Nwn-wr […]
ḫnt tȝ-šmʿ tȝ-mḥw
nṯr.w spȝ.wt snḏ(.w)
n snḏ=f
ẖnmw-Ptḥ ỉr wnn.t

A King of Upper and Lower Egypt,
Great Nun […]
great of children,
Fierce lion
within Upper and Lower Egypt,
the gods of the nomes are in fear
for fear of him:
Khnum-Ptah, who made what exists.

Esna 187 B

qȝ šw.ty
nb wrr.t
ḫpr ḏs=f
ỉwty ỉd.t ms.t=f
ḫpr=f m rw(?)
r smȝ ḫfty=f
pȝ mȝỉ nhs

B King of Upper and Lower Egypt,
high of double plumes,
lord of the double crown,
who came into existence himself,
no womb gave birth to him.
He transformed into a lion(?),546
to slaughter his enemy:
the guardian lion.547

Esna 188

  • Location: Column F, Middle Bandeau
  • Date: Domitian
  • Hieroglyphic Text
  • Bibliography: None

Cartouches of Domitian with Khnum-Re Lord of Esna and Khnum-Re Lord of the Field.

Esna 189

  • Location: Column F, Middle Bandeau
  • Date: Domitian
  • Hieroglyphic Text
  • Bibliography: None

189 A

ʿnḫ nṯr nfr
ḫws Iwny.t
mỉ ȝḫ.t n.t p.t
ḫwỉ šzp.w=sn
mk ʿḫm.w
(twmtyns ḫwỉ)
mrỉ ẖnmw-Rʿ nb tȝ-sn.t

Live the good god,
who builds Iunyt,
like the Akhet of heaven,
who protects their statues,
and guards the effigies.
Lord of appearances,
(Domitian Augustus)
beloved of Khnum-Re Lord of Esna.

189 B

ʿnḫ nṯr nfr
zȝ ẖnmw
wr wr.w
ḥwỉ ḫȝs.wt
m ḥqȝ.n=k tȝ.wy
m qn nḫt
(ȝwtwgrtr ksrs)
mrỉ ẖnmw-Rʿ nb sḫ.t

Live the good god,
son of Khnum,
greatest of the great,
who smites the foreign lands,
since you ruled the two lands (Egypt)
in valor and strength.
Lord of appearances,
(Autokrator Caesar)
Beloved of Khnum-Re Lord of the Field.

Esna 190

1sʿr.w nn
ḥm=k ẖnmw
pȝ mnỉ nfr n tpy.w-tȝ
ỉmy-rȝ ỉḥ.w wr
ʿšȝ mnmn.w

ṯwf pw
swtwt=k r mȝȝ=f

nḥb=k wrry.t=k
r ʿq=f m-ẖnw wʿ wḫȝ
spr=k ȝḫ-bỉ.t
m km n ȝ.t

2ʿ[q.n]=k pr=k
m nḏm-[ỉb]

1 This hall of papyrus stalks548
[which are in front of]549
your majesty, Khnum,550
the good herdsman of those on earth,
Great Overseer of Cattle,
numerous of livestock:

It is a reed marsh,
which you travel to behold.

You harness your chariot551
to enter it within a single night,
and you reach Chemmis
in the completion of a moment.552

2 You en[tered] your domain
in happ[iness]553

[…] wn ỉm=f
mỉ wn ỉm=f

pẖr(.w) m mw
ẖr pȝy.w
ẖnm.t=sn ẖr rm.w
ȝḫȝḫ.tw m sm.w
wȝḏwȝḏ(.w) m np(r)y nb.w

ʿpr(.w) m kȝ.t ỉd.wt
m ḫprw [nb].w n ỉnm
m ʿw.t[-nṯr] ḥr rn=f

[…] which is in it,
is like that which is in it.

It is surroundwd with water,
filled with birds;
their basins contain fish;
it blossoms with plants,
it is verdant with all grains.

It is equipped with bulls and cows,
in [all] varieties of color,
as animals [for each god],
by name:554

3ḥḏmy.t n Rʿ
ȝty n gnḥ-Rʿ
ỉzty.w n Ptḥ nfr-ḥr
kmy.t n ḥr
dšr.w n Swtḫ
rnn.w n Is.t
mnn.wt n Nb.t-ḥw.t
tȝy.wt n Tnm
hkȝy.w n ḥqs
ẖsy.w n Sḫȝ.t-ḥr
4wry.t n Sšȝ.t
gnḥy.w n Gbb
ỉd.wt n Nw.t
ṯrḥy.w n ḫnsw
mḥy.wt n ḫnsy.t
wḏy.wt n ḫnty-ẖty
ʿby.w [n …]
ʿmy.wt n Bȝ
rḫ.w n 5Rnn.t
sȝbqy.w n [Sbk?]
wnš.w n pr m sn.wt
hȝby.wt n ḥʿpỉ
nbsy.wt n N.t
tȝy.wt n nb=f
ḥqy.w n ḥpḥp
[…] n nb sḫt=f
ʿbʿb.w n
mȝȝ-ỉ 6mnw.w n nṯr.w nb.w
bḥs.w 7(n) nṯr.w ỉmy.w p.t

The ḥḏmy.t-cow for Re,
the ȝty-bull for Dark Re(?),
the ỉzty-bulls for Ptah Beautiful of Face,
the black cow for Horus,
the red bulls for Seth,
the young bulls for Isis,
the mnn.t-cows for Nephthys,
the tȝy.t-cows for the Wanderer,
the ḥky-bulls for Heqes,
the ẖsy-bulls for Sekhat-Hor,
4 the great cow for Seshat,
the dark bulls for Geb,
the cows for Nut,
the ṯRḥy-bulls for Khonsu,
the mḥy.t-cows for Khonsit,
the wḏy.t-cows for Khenty-Khety,
the ʿby-cows [for ….]
the ʿmy.t-cows for the Ba,
the smart bulls for 5 Renenutet,
the sȝbqy -bulls for [Sobek?],
the jackals for He who Comes for Senut,555
the hȝby.t-cows for Hapi,
tne nbsy.t-cows for Neith,
the tȝy.t-cows for His Lord,
the ḥqy-bulls for Hephep
[…] for Lord of sḫt=f,556
the ʿbʿb -bulls for
He who sees his Father,557
6 the mnw-bulls for all the gods,
the calves 7 (for) the gods within heaven.

mnỉw nn m zȝ n ḥʿw=k
8m ʿnḫ-ḏd-wȝs
ʿn n=k ḥpỉ m kmy.w
9nr.w=k m pr-wr
mdw=k ḥr tȝ 10 ỉty
zȝ=k mnỉ.w n.w ỉḥ.w ḫȝ.w

These herders protect your body,
8 with life, endurance, dominion.
Apis wails for you with black bulls,
9 and your nr-bulls are in the Per-wer.
You speak upon earth, 10 Sovereign:
may you protect the herders
of thousands of cattle.

Esna 191

11dgȝ ỉr=f tn
pʿ.t rḫy.t
ỉ.ỉr n=f 12hn

nṯr.w nṯry.t
mỉ=n dwȝ=n s(w)
m.k 13nb=tn pw
ỉ.ỉr ỉȝw n bȝ n Rʿ

14ḥqȝ tȝ.wy
msw.t ḥry-srḫ
tȝ.wy ỉdb.w
15r nḏy n ḥm=f

gs.w-pr.w ḫtỉ(.w) ḥr rn=f
16nn nṯr twt r qd=f

nsw.t nṯr.w
wʿ wʿw
nn spȝ.t šw m rn=f
m ȝbw r-mn pds.wt-nt-š

May you behold him,
nobles and commoners:558
perform559 hn-praise 12 for him!

Gods and goddesses,
come, let us worship him!
Behold, 13 he is your lord.
Make praise for the Ba of Re!

14 Ruler of the two lands,
the image upon the serekh,
all lands and shores
15 are subject to his Majestyl

Temples are inscribed in his name,
16 there is no god equal to his form.
The King of the Gods,
truly unique.
There is no district empty of his name,
from Elephantine to the Mediterranean Coast.560

p.t n bȝ=f
tȝ n twt.w=f
rwty ḥm-nṯr=sn
ḥr rn=f
(ḥr) qmȝ snỉ-tȝ
n ḥm=f rʿ-nb

nb šfy.t
ḫnt ḥw.t-ỉt
ỉty ḥqȝ wȝḏ.ty
17ḫr(.w) n šfy.t n bȝw=f
sr wr ḫnty pr-ʿnḫ
ʿnḫ=tn ỉm=f

Heaven is for his Ba,561
the earth is for his statues:
their priests go around562
creating proskynesis
for his Majesty, daily.

Lord of prestige
within the Temple of the Father;
Sovereign, Ruler of the Two Uraei;
17 (One) falls down for the prestige
of his awesome power.563

Great ram, foremost of the House of Life564
your lord,
through whom you live.

ỉw m rnp r tr=f
nn ȝb
ỉw.n=f m ḥʿpỉ
sṯȝm.n=f ȝḫ.t
dỉ[=s] r tȝ
r dmḏy.t=s
m wȝḥy.t
pḥ.tw nn qn
(ḥr) ỉr(.t) ẖr.w n rȝ nb ỉm=sn

He who arrives rejuvenated at his time,
without fail.
As he arrived as Hapi,565
so he covered the field,
so [it] might ‘give birth’
at its appointed time,
consisting of grain
being numerous, without shortage:566
making food for all mouths thereby.

18ḥr.n=f s(w) r ḥr.t
m ḥr-ȝḫty
šzp.n=f ȝḫ.t
m ʿpy šps

wbn=f m wnm.t=f
m psḏ m nbw
sḥḏ.n=f tȝ.wy
m nfrw=s

ḫʿỉ=f m ỉȝbt.t=f
m ỉwn-ḥʿʿ
r šzp tȝ m-ḫt hrw

ỉw.n=f m ṯȝw nḏm
r sḏdȝ np(r)y
ḫsbḏ šdy.wt

19wbn m šww
bs m ḥʿpỉ
pr sʿr n.t

18 He removed (ḥr) himself to the sky (ḥr.t)
as Horakhty (ḥr-ȝḫty);
he reached the Akhet
as the august winged scarab.

He shines in his right-eye
as He who Shines in Gold,
having illumined the two lands
with his perfection.

He appears in his left-eye
as the moon,
to illumine the earth after the day.

He arrived as a pleasant wind
to fatten the grain:
(namely) the north wind,
who makes blue the flooded fields.567

19 He who shines as the sun,
who surges as the Inundation,568
from whose innards
the wind and waters come forth.

ḫntỉ=f rsy.t
m bȝ n Rʿ
nb Qbḥw
kȝ.tw r kȝ=f

ḥw.t=f štȝ(.t) m snm.t
wbn m ḫnt=s
m ỉṯ-kȝ
bʿḥ tȝ.wy nb.w
nn qn-rnp.t n=f
m-ẖnw ḥȝ.t-spȝ.wt
20[s.t]-ỉb=f n ʿ-rsy
ẖnw n ḥm=f
m šȝʿ ḫpr

nhq.n ỉb=f
r qdỉ m-ḫnt=s
ḏ bȝ n Rʿ r=f
ẖnmw nb Qbḥw pw rn=f
bȝ šps m zp-tpy

nbỉ nbỉ.w
šȝʿ šȝʿ.w
ỉr nty
sḫpr ḫpr

He went upstream to the south,
as the Ba of Re,
Lord of the First Cataract,569
so his Ka is called.570

He hidden temple is in Biggeh,
he who rises from within it
as the ỉṯ-kȝ-flood,
who floods all the lands,
without any year of famine.

One rejoices for him
within Beginning of the Nomes (Elephantine),
20 his favorite [place] in the southern district:
the Residence for his Majesty,
at the beginning fo creation.

He was inspired571
to start building within it.
He is called the Ba of Re,
his name is Khnum Lord of the First Cataract,
the august Ba in the first moment.

Builder of builders,
beginner of beginners,
who made what is,
and created creation.

ḫdỉ.n=f mḥy.t
m ʿȝ mȝʿ-ḫrw
sȝḥ=f tȝ-mrỉ
m ʿq-pr

21šm=f ẖȝ.wt ỉdḥ.w
m km n ȝ.t
nhs kȝ(.w) ỉd.wt
nʿʿ(.w) ḥr ʿrr

ʿq=f Iwny.t m nḏm-ỉb
ršw=f m mȝȝ ỉfdw=f
ỉw mỉt.t=f
r nty m-ḫnt=f
ẖnm.wt=sn ʿpr(.w) m ȝpd.w
mḥs=s nb ẖr šbn.w
m drf m ỉnm nb

He went downstream to the north,
as the one Great of Justification.572
He landed at the Beloved Land (Egypt),
having complete access, coming and going.

21 He walks through the delta lagoons
in the completion of a moment.573
The bull(s) and cows awake,
as the smooth-skinned (cattle) low.574

He enters Esna in happiness,
and delights from seeing its four corners:
it is just like
what is inside of it.
Their basins are equipped with birds,
all its pastures(?)575 host assorted cattle,
being decorated with all types of coloring.576

wnḫy n r’-ȝw
tȝy n Bʿr
srty.w n Rʿ
mnḥy n R ḥtp=f
nḥty.w n Sḫ.t
rnn.w n mȝỉ-ḥzȝ
qȝ.w-ḥn.ty n Sḥḏ-wr
wry.w n Sps
ʿwȝy n Tfn.t
23nṯry.w m ỉnm=sn n ȝy
bh.w n ḫnsy.t
wȝḏ.w n sʿr-p.t
sȝy n nsw.t m hrw=f
n pr ḥr-sȝ ȝḥ.t
wry.t n ḥpḥp
sȝḥ.w n N.t
šbny n ẖnmw

The wnḫy-bull for Tura,
the tȝy-bull for Ba’al,
the srty-bulls for Re,
the mnḥy-bull for Re as he sets,
the nḥty-bulls for Sekhet,
the young bulls for Fierce Lion,
High-Horn for Sehedj-wer,
the wry-bulls for Sepes,
the ʿwȝy-bull for Tefnut,
23 divine-in-their-skin for Ay,
bh-bulls for Khonsyt,
green-bulls for He who Raises Heaven,
the sȝy-bull for the King in his Day,
heavy bulls
for He who Emerges over the Field,
the wry.t-cow for Hephep,
the sȝḥ-bulls for Neith,
the mixed bull for Khnum,

ẖpn 24n ḫntỉ Inpw
ḫbsy n Wsỉr
ʿšȝ-m-bḥs n kȝ-Iwnw
ẖnmy.t n wp-wȝ.wt
dbhy n Mw.t
hb.w n ḥʿpỉ
gbgb.w n ḥqȝ.t
nb.w n wrr.t
ḫmḫm.w n wrḏ-ỉb
bȝk.w n bȝ
25ẖmty n šsmw
n pr(.t)-m-wr.t
šmʿ.w n nb.t-ỉmȝw
pȝ-tḫy.t n Iwn-mw.t=f
rʿ.w n ḥr-bỉty
sʿy n dwȝ-mw.t=f
sḏm.wt n ḫntỉ-wȝḏ=s
nfry n ḥr-šdnw
26n ẖry-bȝq=f
ḥnskty n ḥr-mr.ty
ḥn-sd.w n Itm nb Iwnw
šnʿ.w n ḏhwty
pʿy.t n mȝȝ.t-ḥr
mnbỉt.wt n Mr.t nb.t-ḥzw
bȝy.t n zmȝ-wr
27wbȝ kȝ.w n kȝ-ps
ṯsy.t n Mnḥwy
sẖry.t n sšȝ.t
wry.t n ḥwỉ-tȝ
šbn n sbk šd.t
mỉmỉ.t n sš-ḥr-sȝ-ȝḥ.t

the fat bull577 24 for the First Anubis,
the ḫbsy-bull for Osiris,
the many-calves-bull for the Bull of Heliopolis,
the ẖnmy.t-cow for Wepwawet,
the dbhy-bull for Mut,
the hb-bulls for Hapi,
the gbgb-bulls for Heqat,
the nb-bulls for She of the White Crown,
ḫmḫm-bulls for Weary-of-Heart,
bȝk-bulls for the Ba,
25 the ẖmty-bull for Shesemu,
the šʿsy.t-cow
for She who comes forth from the Great,
the šmʿ-bulls for the Lady of Imau,
the pȝ-tḫy.t cow for Iunmutef,
the rʿ-bulls for Horus-Bity,
the sʿy-bull for Duamutef,
the sḏm-cows for Foremost of her Papyrus,
the nfry-bull for Horus of Shedenu,
the fat-fleshed bulls
26 for He beneath his Moringa Tree (Ptah),
the braided-bull for Hor-Merty,
sharp-tailed-bulls for Atum Lord of Heliopolis,
šnʿ-bulls for Thoth,
the pʿy.t-cow for One who Sees Horus,
mnbỉt-cows for Meret, Lady of Singing,
the bʿy.t-cow for Sema-wer,
27 the wbȝ-bulls for the Blazing Bull,
the ṯsy.t-cow for Menehwy,
the sẖry.t-cow for Seshat,
the wry.t-cow for He who Beats the Land,
the mixed-bull for Sobek of Shedet,
the mỉmỉ.t-cow for the Scribe over the Field.

ndm ḫrw dndn.w
r swʿb r.w-pr.w=k

28 rdỉ=sn n=k
nb ỉr.t-ỉḫt
(ȝwtwkrtwr kysrs)|
zȝ-Rʿ nb-ḫʿ.w
(tȝwmṯyns nty-ḫwỉ)|
m šȝʿ n ȝḫ.t=k

ỉr=k n=f ṯnw
m ỉḫt nb nfr
dỉ=k n=f ʿnḫ m nḏm-ỉb
qȝb=k nfrw m rk=f

The sound of the raging bulls is pleasant,
in order to purify your temples.

28 They give to you,
o King of Upper and Lower Egypt,
Lord of the Two Lands,
Lord of Performing Rituals,
(Autokrator Caesar)|,
Son of Re, Lord of Appearances,
(Domitian Augustus)|
in the beginning of the Akhet season.

May you make for him a (great) number,
consisting of all good things.
May you give him life in happiness,
and double good things in his era.

Esna 192

Esna 192 A

Aʿnḫ nṯr nfr
šzp wȝ.t m ḥtp
r ḥw.t-ẖnmw
r […]
n ỉt=f

A Live the good god,
who takes up the path in peace
to the Temple of Knum,
in order to […]
for his father.
[Lord] of Appearances,
([Domitian Caesar])

Esna 192 B

ḥwnw nfr
qmȝ m ḥȝ.t
ḫy wr nfr-ḥr
ṯḥn ỉtn wr
n mȝȝ(?)=f
wbn m Nwn
zȝ ḥqȝ(.t) wsr.t
rnpỉ wr ḥr-ỉb […]

B King of Upper and Lower Egypt
good youth,
created in the beginning,
great child, beautiful of face,
the great disk shines
from seeing(?)578 him.
child [..]
who rises from Nun,
son of the mighty ruler
great young man within […]

Esna 193

Minor inscriptions: Cartouches of Domitian, name of Heka the Child.