Esna 78

  • Location: South Face of North Pillar
  • Date: Possibly Domitian
  • Hieroglyphic Text
  • Bibliography: None

ʿnḫ [nṯr nfr]
[ḥwnw] ʿn m ḫprw=f
šw.ty m tp=f
Mnḥy.t m ḥȝ.t=f
m sḏḏ=f n ẖnmw
ỉt nṯr.w

ḫʿỉ m ʿḥ
ḏỉ-ʿ ḥr mṯn
šzp [sw] nb.wy
smn=w ḥp.ty=f
bs=sn […]
[ḥr z]mȝty
r mȝȝ mw.t=sn

sš=f ḥḏ=s
m ḏsr wr
gm=f ḥm=s
hr psḏ.t=s m nḏm-ỉb

mȝȝ=f […]
smn […]=f ḥr tȝ ḏ.t

Live [the good god]
[the youth], beautiful in his form,
double plumes on his head,
Menhyt185 on his brow,
in his form of Khnum,
father of the gods.186

Processing from the palace,
setting on the path,187
the two Lords receive [him],188
they establish his limits,
the introduce him […]
[upon] the road
to see their mother (Neith).

He opens her shrine,
in great sanctity,
he finds her Majesty,
and her Ennead is pleased at heart.

He sees […]
establishes his […] on earth, forever.