Session 8 Machine learning: Basics (2)

  • Learning outcomes: Learn…
    • …how to predict in R (using a simple logistic regression).
    • …how to use trainingset and validation dataset for ML in R.
    • …how to assess accuracy in R (logistic regression).
    • …concepts (training dataset etc.) using a “simple example”.

The material for the following sessions is based on James et al. (2013), Molina and Garip (2019), James et al. (2013), Chollet and Allaire (2018) and others’ work (including some of my own).


Chollet, Francois, and J J Allaire. 2018. Deep Learning with R. 1st ed. Manning Publications.
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Molina, Mario, and Filiz Garip. 2019. “Machine Learning for Sociology.” Annu. Rev. Sociol., July.