6 Where Do Networks Come From?

Triads and Structural Balance Simmel vs Heider (Krackhardt and Handcock 2005ish)

Preferential attachment (Barabasi) Culture (Vaisey and Lizardo)

The Unique Properties of Dyads and Triads

JLM Social Structure

Feld’s Social Foci

Five Factor/OCEAN (Social Psychology)

Social Conflict and Negative Interations “I don’t care what you think of me. I don’t think of you at all.”-Coco Chanel

Chapter 5 Practice Problems 1) Does the following graphs represent balanced or unbalanced relations between actors? (Dotted lines are negative ties)

  1. Why is balance important sociologically? What is the name for the theory that thinks balance is something people do?
  2. Name the personality trait from the Five Factor Model that describes the following situation. Someone does not want to try a food because they haven’t had it before. Someone gets a bad grade, they get a little sad but generally have a good day. Someone’s two friends are fighting, that someone does nothing. Someone really likes going to parties and meeting new people. Someone is totally ok trying a new food on the recommendation of the waiter. You invite a friend over for food, they bring someone else with them without asking you. Someone gets a bad grade on a homework. It ruins their entire weekend.roticism You order appetizers for the table. You pay for them yourself because you didn’t ask other people if they wanted them or not (2 answers!)