Structure of the guide

Chapter 1 introduces the concept of open source and explains which software and data are needed to use this guide. Chapters 2 and 3 describe the main steps for mapping building electricity consumption and calculating the renewable electricity potential of each rooftop. Both chapters provide a thorough explanation of how to use the available software and data. Chapter 4 introduces what is sampling and demonstrates and compares two different sampling methods to estimate the renewable electricity potential for the whole city. Chapter 5 presents the final results for Rosario and La Plata and the outputs after completing this guide.

Chapters in the Guide

Figure 0.1: Chapters in the Guide

Data Requirements:
The following table describes the data required to complete this guide, in what format and from where it should be contributed or downloaded.

Data description Format Source
Annual electricity consumption of municipal buildings table format - excel, csv, etc. City
Vector layer of the administrative borders of the city shapefile or GeoJSON format City
Vector layer of the buildings in the city shapefile or GeoJSON format OpenStreetMap (1.4)
Raster layer of global horizontal irradiation (GHI) GeoTIFF, ASCII Grid, etc. The Solar Global Atlas (1.5)
Raster layer of Land-Use Change and Land-Use Cover (LUCLCC) GeoTIFF, ASCII Grid, etc. Copernicus Land Monitoring Service global maps of land cover & cover changes and related surface area statistics (4.3)