1.5 Global Solar Atlas

The World Bank has created together with Solargis, a Global Solar Atlas with a series of global, regional and country GIS data layers and poster maps. The Global Solar Atlas aims to support the transition to solar based power in countries worldwide. This work is funded by the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP), and is part of a global ESMAP initiative on Renewable Energy Resource Mapping that includes biomass, small hydro, solar and wind.

The Global Solar Atlas is an open data initiative that makes available both modeled and measured solar radiation and meteorological data. The data available for downloading is described here.

In this guide, we will use a raster layer covering the long term yearly average of global horizontal irradiation (GHI) in kWh/m2 of Argentina, from the period 1999-2018, with a spatial resolution of 9 arcsec (~250 m). To download data by country from the Global Solar Atlas click here.