1.2 List of R Packages by Vignette

Scroll through the list to find which R packages are used in which vignette (i.e., weekly worked example or bonus vignette). This may be helpful for finding relevant materials if you are interested in a specific type of analysis.


  • ‘B’ and ‘G’ refer to the Review of R Skills section (B = Basic R, G = Graphics)
  • Lowercase letters refer to bonus vignettes. E.g., 2a is the (first) bonus vignette of Week 2.
B G 1 2 2a 3 4 5 6 7 7a 8 8a 9 10 10a 11 12 13 14
ade4 X X
adegenet X X X
car X X
cowplot X X
data.table X X
dplyr X X X X X X X
e1071 X
EcoGenetics X X
effsize X
fields X
foreach X
gdistance X
GeNetIt X
ggeffects X
ggplot2 X X X X X X
gridExtra X
gstudio X X X X X
here X X X X
hierfstat X
igraph X
knitr X X
landscapemetrics X
lattice X
lfmm X
mapplots X
microbenchmark X
mmod X X
nlme X X X
pegas X
PopGenReport X X X
poppr X X
predictmeans X X
profvis X
purrr X X
pwr X
QstFstComp X
qvalue X
radish X
raster X X
RColorBrewer X X X
readr X
rio X
secr X
sf X X X X X X X X
sfnetworks X
sp X
spatialEco X X
spatialreg X
spdep X X X X
spmoran X
terra X X X
tmap X X X X X X
vcfR X
vegan X X X