1 Introduction

This is a web-interface to the teaching materials for the lab course ‘Landscape Genetic Data Analysis with R’ associated with the distributed graduate course ‘DGS Landscape Genetics’.

The Landscape Genetics Distributed Graduate Seminar (DGS) is an international collaboration that provides a unique opportunity for interdisciplinary graduate training. The course draws on experts from around the world to deliver an in-depth introduction and overview of the field of landscape genetics. The course caters to students in both basic and applied ecology, conservation/population genetics, landscape ecology and conservation biology. Every other year, several hundred students, post-docs and faculty from around the world participate in this course. For more information about the course, and to sign up to be notified when registration opens, please visit the course website:

Link to DGS Landscape Genetics

The online book compiles the teaching materials for the optional computer lab component of the DGS Landscape Genetics. The materials included in this online resource are also included in the R package LandGenCourse available on Github.

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