Chapter 6 Data view

Data View tutorial video

In the ENA webtool you have a possibility to recall your dataset by clicking on Data View under the Comparison Plot [1] (see Figure 6.1). Once you have clicked on it, a view of your dataset will appear in place of the Comparison Plot. You can add additional columns from your dataset to the Data View by clicking on the plus icon [2]. To remove a column, hover over its name and click on a X icon that will appear [3].

Data view in the ENA webtool

Figure 6.1: Data view in the ENA webtool

Data View is particularly useful to examine the data that build the connections between the codes. To filter your dataset by a specific connection, you have to highlight two codes (see Chapter 4.4 for more information on highlighting codes). Your highlighted codes will appear in the Data View as orange [1] (see Figure 6.2). If your stanza is set to Moving Stanza or Threaded Data, an orange square bracket will appear along the rows to indicate the stanza window.

Highlighted connections in the data view

Figure 6.2: Highlighted connections in the data view