2.5 Norway

The Norwegian Citizen Panel (NCP) is a research-purpose internet panel with over 6000 active participants. It is based on a probability sample of the general Norwegian population above the age of 18 drawn from the Norwegian National Registry. Panel members complete an online questionnaire three times a year of 15 minutes each. The NCP is a core component of The Digital Social Science Core Facilities (DIGSSCORE), and was established in 2013 as a collaboration between several departments at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Bergen and NORCE – Norwegian Research Centre.

The survey is based on a online questionnaire with postal recruitment. Including wave 10 in 2017 The gross sample is 84 000 residents of Norway (22 000 in waves 1 & 3, 25 000 in wave 8, and 15 000 in wave 10). The National Population Registry includes everyone born in Norway as well as former and current inhabitants. The respondents who answered the 2017 EIPS questionnaire in The Norwegian Citizen Panel were all newly recruited and part of the 10th wave of the Norwegian Citizen Panel. 15000 residents of Norway were randomly sampled from the Norwegian population registry, of which 2706 – 18 percent – completed the survey. The EIPS questions are part of the Norwegian Citizen Panel Wave 10, and available to researchers globally, free of charge through The Norwegian Centre for Research Data.