2.3 Iceland

The Social Science Research Institute (SSRI) is an academic research institute within the University of Iceland. It was established in 1986 and manages various different projects, such as different types of surveys and project evaluations, as well as the research and analysis of human society and sociological issues. Since the online panel was first launched in 2010, data has been collected for a number of both Icelandic and international studies, covering broad scientific topics. It pertains to the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, the Faculty of Social Work and the Faculty of Political Science. SSRI is a setting for research and development for the three faculties. The online panel consists of Icelandic residents aged 18 and older who have agreed to participate in SSRI’s online surveys. Panel members are recruited by telephone interviews with random samples from the National register and care is given to rebalancing when needed. Therefore, samples drawn from the online panel are representative of the Icelandic nation. SSRI is committed to ensuring that the online panel represents the Icelandic population at all times and provides reliable and valid results.