These are our lecture notes for the (Carlin and Soskice 2015) textbook. The notes are no substitute for the text which is available in the University of Brighton library. The notes summarise the chapters and add some exercises and links to activities that should assist your understanding of these key macroeconomic topics.

There are three broad sections:

  1. The New Keynesian Model that brings together aggregate demand, supply and the central bank policy response.

  2. The financial system and the global financial crisis that discusses frictions and the importance of institutions and history for macroeconomics.

  3. The open economy and other extensions.

In extending the ideas of (Carlin and Soskice 2015) we aim to project a greater emphasis on responsible enterprise in line with our mission statement at the University of Brighton Business school.

Once again, we recommend that you buy the (Carlin and Soskice 2015) text or get a copy from the University of Brighton library to get a much more detailed overview of these key macroeconomic topics. ``


Carlin, W., and D. Soskice. 2015. Macroeconomics: Institutioins, Instability, and the Financial System. 1st ed. OUP.