This book is an introduction to the theory of statistical probability and distributions.

Statistical software

This book can be read without relying on any specific statistical software, though sometimes R code1 is included to demonstrate ideas.

Icons used on this book

The icons used in this book have meanings; for example:

These chunks introduce the objectives for the chapters of the book.

These chunks highlight common mistakes or warnings, about a particular concept or about using a formula.

These chunks offer helpful information.

These chunks refer to text that is relevant to using software (jamovi or SPSS) or a calculator.

These chunks indicate how certain symbols and terms are pronounced.

These chunks give you some questions to think about.

Who can use this book?

This textbook is free for anyone to use: There is no charge for students, instructors or institutions.

Although it is not essential, an email to the author (explaining how the textbook is being used, who is using the textbook, and your thoughts on the textbook) would be appreciated: pdunn2 <at>

How this book was made

This book was made using R,2 and the bookdown package,3 which is based on Markdown syntax, using knitr.4

Learning Outcomes

In this book, you will learn to:

How to cite this book

Peter K. Dunn (2022). The theory of distributions.

The CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 licence is applied to this textbook.

Peter K. Dunn
Sippy Downs, Australia