These are lecture notes for the second part of Calculus and Applications first year module at the Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London. The notes are split into three parts on Fourier Transform, Ordinary Differential Equations and Introduction to Multivariate Calculus. Please refer to course Blackboard for additional materials recommended text books for further reading.

These lecture notes are adobted from existing courses in our department. Part I of the course is based on the old M2AA2 course (Andrew Walton) and Part II and III are based on the old M1M2 course (Frank Berkshire, Mauricio Barahona, Andrew Parry). Some examples and ideas from the old mechanics course M1A1 is included as well.

These notes are produced with accessibility in mind and I hope it meets your requirements. You can experiment with the controls in the toolbar at the top of the html version of the notes. You can search for a word, adjust typeface, font size, font and background color. You can also download a copy of these notes in differnt formats, if you wish for offline use. I hope you enjoy this course and let me know if you have any comments or questions by email.

© Vahid Shahrezaei (2021) These notes are provided for the personal study of students taking this module. The distribution of copies in part or whole is not permitted.