1 Introduction

This is not an actual book or guide on marketing research, but more like a placeholder for major constructs in marketing as well as interesting articles in marketing.

Feel free to comment or suggest changes to the content of this book.

Differences between goods and services:

  • Intangibility
  • Complexity
  • Heterogeneity

Dimensions of Qualitative Research:

  1. Ontology: “is a philosophical belief system about the nature of social reality- what can be known and how”.

  2. Epistemology: “is a philosophical belief system about who can be a knower”.

  3. Methodology (theoretical perspective): “an account of social reality or some component of it that extends further than what has been empirically investigated”:

    • Post-positivist: causal relationship can be tested (i.e., disprove)
    • Interpretive: assumes the world is constantly being constructed through group interactions;hence social reality can be understood via the perspectives of social actors enmeshed in meaning-making activities”.
    • Critical: view social reality as an ongoing construction, and suggest that discourses created in shifting fields of social power shape social reality and its study.
  4. Methods: “technique for gathering evidence”.