1 Introduction

This book contains example code of most of the items discussed in the slides of predictive analytics. The student is advised to first go over the slides and the online videos, such that he/she has a profound understanding of the underlying concepts. The theory will only be revised briefly in this book. The goal of this book is to give you an example of most of the concepts seen in class in the statistical programming language R. The code book will closely follow the content and order of the slides. Note, however, that this book contains models that were seen in previous courses. These are not part of the learning materials but part of the book, since it is crucial to master these models as well in a predictive modeling case. In general, it is a good idea to open the slides while going through these code examples.

The examples will be done on real-life data sets. Since the students are already familiar with the concepts of analytical CRM, the case studies will be mainly about customer churn and acquisition.

Special thanks to Bram Janssens for his assistance in the creation of this book.