Week 1 Introduction

This week we will:

  1. Get to know each other
  2. Walk through the Syllabus, and get to know course logistics
  3. Read and discuss introductory articles

1.1 What is Social Network Analysis?

1.1.1 A light intro video made by colleagues from Duke.

Credit: ModU: Powerful Concepts in Social Science

1.1.2 A deeper dive: The hidden influence of social networks

1.2 Networks are everywhere!

We come together to learn (more) about social network analysis (SNA) – for various reasons and from various disciplinary angles.

In preparation for the class, post your initial ideas of using SNA below, by clicking on the + button.

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1.3 Week 1 Activities

Below are a list of activities for Week 1. I strongly encourage you to get started as early as possible!

1.3.1 Read the Syllabus

The most current syllabus will always available online.

In Week 1, please read the Syllabus in full. Ask any questions you may have on the #questions Slack channel or leave a comment in the syllabus.

1.3.2 Get to know each other

Say hi👋 to the class by posting a short self-introduction on Slack. Things you could include: your (preferred) name and pronouns, your department and program area, why you’re taking the class, and one interesting/boring thing about yourself.

1.3.3 Read and Annotate

Read and annotate the following texts

When annotating, please try to do at least one entry for each of the following:

  • Annotate an SNA term you find interesting/useful, and provide a definition. Use tag term in your annotation
  • Annotate an example application of SNA in readings, and explain how you find it useful or interesting. Use tags application in your annotation
  • Reply to annotations made by other participants

1.3.4 Meet the Class on Gather

As mentioned in Preface, we will use Gather instead of Zoom. I have created a dedicated virtual classroom for us to mingle. Below is a screenshot of the space. The link to the space will be shared in a calendar invite.

See you on Tuesday, January 26, 2021, 3–4:30pm Central Time.

Have a wonderful week!


Borgatti, Stephen P, Ajay Mehra, Daniel J Brass, and Giuseppe Labianca. 2009. “Network Analysis in the Social Sciences.” Science 323 (5916): 892–95. https://doi.org/10.1126/science.1165821.