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This site is built for a course titled CI 8371 - Applied Social Network Analysis in Education, taught by Prof. Bodong Chen at the University of Minnesota.

Content on this site will be actively built and refined throughout the Spring 2021 semester.

While the course is titled Social Network Analysis in Education, this course is not limited to social networks or to education. We will broadly examine social, information, and artificial networks in a variety of learning contexts including schools, workplace, and informal settings.

Key links for the course

  • Textbook Carolan (2014). Note: UMN library access required.
  • Slack: We use Slack for course “management,” aka. announcements, commucations, chats, small group work, etc. You can also get connected with course alumli via public Slack channels.
  • Hypothesis: We interact on top of web materials (including the textbook) during this course. Hypothesis is a cutting-edge, open-source web annotation tool, which is used more and more broadly by educators in the past two years.
  • Gather: We has a dedicated virtual classroom space to gather.
  • Optional – Twitter hashtag #SNAEd: You can tweet about this course using #SNAEd.

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