Chapter 12 Planning SNA Research and Projects

As we are all deeply immersed in the course project, this week we will be reflective and continue to refine our projects.

12.0.1 Week 12 activities

  1. Read Carolan (2014), Chapter 12. This chapter summarizes things we’ve already been discussing and doing in this class, and it could serve as a good resource for you to self-check your ongoing course project.

  2. Annotathon on our Carolan textbook website using Hypothesis. Below are four prompts:

  • When reading through the nine steps presented in this chapter, annotate areas where your project is currently falling a little short or will benefit more work from.
  • When reading through the nine steps, annotate things you will do differently from the author.
  • When reading through the Software Sampler, annotate software packages you wish to try in the future and explain why. Please share useful resources you found to the class.
  • On Research Ethics, share any thoughts you have about ethical considerations in SNA research and practice.

As always, please add our SNAEd tag, and other appropriate tags, to your Hypothesis annotations.

  1. Continue to refine your SNA projects. If you have questions, please post them in the Slack home channel or directly PM Bodong.

12.0.2 Upcoming milestones

As a reminder, we have two upcoming milestones:

  • 5/6, Project presentations – I will send out more details.
  • 5/13, Project final artifact + Reflection essay due – You can find some basic info on the syllabus. More detailed info will be shared in later weeks.

Have a wonderful week!