Chapter 2 Basic Concepts

You’ve done an absolutely wonderful job on Flipgrid and Hypothesis! Each of you brings very unique interests and expertise to the community. I am excited about learning with and from you in the world of SNA!

Our interaction network on

Your contributions on have been very thoughtful in so many ways. You introduced domain knowledge (e.g., about families) to contexualize our shared texts. You asked important questions. You took time to search for terms and share what you found via annotations. Keep up with your good work!

Based on our social interactions on, I constructed a simply network visualization below. In the visualization below, each node represents one of us, and each directed edge represents the existence of at least one reply. So far 7 colleagues in our communities have connected during the first week. In Week 2, I believe 1) more colleagues will join the conversation, 2) there will be more back-and-forth dialogues (or increased reciprocity in SNA terms), and 3) we will have a denser network. Will we be able to conquer these goals?

In terms of specific learning goals, in this week, we will:

  1. Explore social network perspectives
  2. Become familiar with basic SNA concepts
  3. Start to draft an initial SNA project idea