Chapter 8 Ego-centric Networks

Important Note: The next week is our Spring Break. Our next Zoom meeting will take place on Mar 25, Monday, 5:30pm.

In the past three weeks, we explored a wide range of concepts and measures for analysis of whole networks, sub-networks (or sub-graphs), and individual nodes. This week, we will dive into ego-centric networks as a very unique approach to SNA. Specifically, we will:

  • Understand what is an ego-centric network
  • Understand different levels of ego-centric networks
  • Understand how ego-centric network data can be collected
  • Develop initial ideas of applying ego-centric networks in educational settings

In the previous week, I enjoyed our first Zoom meeting, as well as reading your Hypothesis annotations and interactions. Thanks for engaging each other in diving deeper in these areas! Please watch the video below to get started with Week 8: