Chapter 10 Statistical Analysis with Network Data

In his book, John Scott (2012) commented on a struggle shared among many researchers – including many of us – who are attracted to SNA because of specific analytical needs but get turned away by SNA’s mathematical and statistical complexity. The most central goal of this course is to address this challenge, by focusing on essential SNA concepts – e.g., density, centrality, cliques, etc. – instead of the nitty-gritty mathematical details involved in SNA, so that we feel confident in designing an SNA study and venturing into numerous directions made possible by SNA (and network analysis in general).

This week, we will stretch to statistical analysis with network data that may unleash the power of work you’ve been doing so far. In particular, we will work to:

  • Understand differences between the mathematical and statistical approaches to SNA
  • Become familiar with different kinds of statistical analysis with network data
  • Plan on applying statistical modeling approaches to your SNA project (if possible)


Scott, John. 2012. Social Network Analysis. SAGE.