7.5 CSS and themes

The format xaringan::moon_reader has a css option, to which you can pass a vector of CSS file paths, e.g.,

    css: ["default", "extra.css"]

In theory, the file path should contain the extension .css. If a path does not contain a filename extension, it is assumed to be a built-in CSS file in the xaringan package. For example, default in the above example means default.css in the package under the path xaringan:::pkg_resource(). To see all built-in CSS files, call xaringan:::list_css() in R.

When you only want to override a few CSS rules in the default theme, you do not have to copy the whole file default.css; instead, create a new (and hopefully smaller) CSS file that only provides new CSS rules.

Users have contributed a few themes to xaringan. For example, you can use the metropolis theme (https://github.com/pat-s/xaringan-metropolis):

    css: [default, metropolis, metropolis-fonts]

To see all possible themes:

##  [1] "default-fonts"    "default"         
##  [3] "duke-blue"        "hygge-duke"      
##  [5] "hygge"            "metropolis-fonts"
##  [7] "metropolis"       "middlebury-fonts"
##  [9] "middlebury"       "rladies-fonts"   
## [11] "rladies"          "robot-fonts"     
## [13] "robot"            "rutgers-fonts"   
## [15] "rutgers"          "tamu-fonts"      
## [17] "tamu"             "uo-fonts"        
## [19] "uo"

If you also want to contribute themes, please read the guide at https://yihui.name/en/2017/10/xaringan-themes.