8.2 Appearance and style

There are several options that control the appearance of reveal.js presentations:

  • theme specifies the theme to use for the presentation (available themes are "default", "simple", "sky", "beige", "serif", "solarized", "blood", "moon", "night", "black", "league", and "white").

  • highlight specifies the syntax highlighting style. Supported styles include "default", "tango", "pygments", "kate", "monochrome", "espresso", "zenburn", and "haddock". Pass null to prevent syntax highlighting.

  • center specifies whether you want to vertically center content on slides (this defaults to false).

  • smart indicates whether to produce typographically correct output, converting straight quotes to curly quotes, --- to em-dashes, -- to en-dashes, and ... to ellipses. Note that smart is enabled by default.

For example:

    theme: sky
    highlight: pygments
    center: true

8.2.1 Smaller text

If you need smaller text for certain paragraphs, you can enclose text in the <small> tag. For example:

<small>This sentence will appear smaller.</small>