8.11 Short-term hype & promise of AI (Ch. 1.1.7, 1.1.8)

  • Chollet and Allaire (2018): Some world-changing applications within reach but many more likely to remain elusive for a long time
    • e.g., autonomous cars vs. believable dialogue systems, human-level machine translation across arbitrary languages, and human-level natural-language understanding
    • …talk of human-level general intelligence shouldn’t be taken too seriously
    • Past hype cycles: Symbolic AI in 1960s; Expert system in 1980s; now third hype cycle of AI?
  • Promise of AI:
    • Think of the applications you use.. but your doctor, accountant etc. does not use it yet
    • AI has yet to transition to being central to the way we work, think, and live
  • “Don’t believe the short-term hype, but do believe in the long-term vision” (Chollet and Allaire 2018, Ch. 1.1.8)


Chollet, Francois, and J J Allaire. 2018. Deep Learning with R. 1st ed. Manning Publications.