6.22 Resampling methods (1)

  • Resampling methods (James et al. 2013, Ch. 5)
    • Repeatedly draw samples from training set and refit model of interest on each sample to obtain additional information about the fitted model, e.g., the variability of a logistic regression fit
  • Aim: Obtain information that would not be available from fitting model only once using the original training sample
  • Model assessment: Process of evaluating a model’s performance
  • Model selection: Process of selecting the proper level of flexibility for a model
  • Common resampling methods: Cross-validation (CV) and bootstrap
    • Cross-validation can be used to estimate the test error associated with a given statistical learning method in order to evaluate its performance, or to select the appropriate level of flexibility
    • Bootstrap most commonly used in model selection to provide a measure of accuracy of a parameter estimate or of a given statistical learning method
  • Here we discuss cross-validation!


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