6 Future plans

Most effort is currently dedicated to the technical report. We also need feedback reports and a user manual. The feedback report(s) are the most secondarily important.

The development of the feedback report will occur in stages:

  1. static .pdf
  2. “static” .html (standard template but potentially interactive elements)
  3. “static” xaringan (Xie, 2022b)
  4. dynamic xaringan
  • user-generated presenter notes
  • user-selected visuals (taken from .html report)
  1. Dynamic dashboard

The intent is to lean on the xaringan presentation as the central marketable piece. Initial templates should be able to do client colors and fonts via chunk specification, but evolved templates should be client-driven, such that figures can be selected and annotated from the .html, generating a user-selected and annotated xaringan presentation that can be hosted by Eagle but accessed via password protection by the client.

Eventually Eagle could optimize interpretation via contributions of cognitive psychologists, graphic designers, etc.

6.1 Things to do

  • Finalize items (SIOP papers should take care of this)
  • Get survey into Qualtrics for pilot testing
  • Work on feedback report
  • Generate User Manual

6.2 Research projects

SIOP 2022

Three projects are being targetted for SIOP 2022:

  1. Engagement instrument development
  • document the a priori bi-factor pursuit
  • pilot study with 36 items culled to 18 final
  • “ignore” pilot conditions (e.g., not the focus of write-up)
  • four levels of feedback:
    • overall (engagement)
    • marginal (substantive)
    • marginal (attitudinal)
    • cell (substantive x attitudinal)
  • Morgan taking the lead (6/3/21)
  1. Different paths toward scale definitions
  1. Measurement invariance across the 4 pilot administration conditions
  • focus on 4 pilot conditions
  • look into item ordering literature (probably from 1970’s)
  • relative strength of association (item-trait) based on item ordering
  • if we do this only with final scale definitions won’t the conditions be watered-down?
  • currently leaderless
  1. Engagement instrument validation (data collection summer 2021)
  • Need to first finalize scale definitions

6.3 Completed projects as of April 08, 2022

Garcia Prieto Palacios Roji, R., Stachowski, A. A., & Kulas, J. T. (2022). O*Net Demands and Resources: Associations with Stress, Burnout, and Engagement (Poster). Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Annual Conference, Seattle, WA, United States.

Osorio-Duffoo, C., Garcia Prieto Palacios Roji, R., Russell, M.C., & Kulas, J.T. (2022). Engagement Versus Attitude: Measurement Invariance Across Item Orderings (Poster). Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology Annual Conference, Seattle, WA, United States.

Russell, M.C., Garcia Prieto Palacios Roji, R., Osorio-Duffoo, C., Kulas, J.T. (2022). Development of an Intended Bifactor Engagement Measure (Poster). Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology Annual Conference, Seattle, WA, United States.