Chapter 5 Small-cap list

These are a list of relatively small-cap companies that interest me but need more research. Brief profile of each company is shown when available at Wikipedia. Note that these profiles might be significantly outdated. For up-to-date comprehensive financial data, see Section 4.1.

5.1 Intellia Therapeutics (NA $)

Table 5.1: Intellia Therapeutics
Type Public
Traded as Nasdaq: NTLA
Russell 2000 Component
Industry Biotherapeutics
Founded 2014
Headquarters Cambridge, MA, United States
Key people John Leonard (President & CEO)
Glenn Goddard (CFO)
José Rivera (EVP)
Andrew D. Schiermeier (EVP)
Laura Sepp-Lorenzino (EVP)
Revenue $58 Million (2021)
Number of employees 312 (2021)

5.2 Nano-X Imaging (779.6M $)

5.3 Unity Software (41B $)

Table 5.2: Unity Software
Trade name Unity Technologies
Formerly Over the Edge Entertainment (2004–2007)
Type Public
Traded as NYSE: U
Industry Computer software
Video games
Founded 2004; 17 years ago (2004) in Copenhagen, Denmark
Founders David Helgason
Nicholas Francis
Joachim Ante
Headquarters San Francisco, US
Key people John Riccitiello (CEO)
Danny Lange (VP, AI and machine learning)
Products Unity
Services Unity Certification
Unity Collaborate
Unity Asset Store
Unity Ads
Unity Cloud Build
Unity Analytics
Unity Everyplay (2012–2018)
Unity Multiplayer
Unity Performance Reporting
Revenue US$772.445 Million (Fiscal Year Ended 31 December 2020)
Operating income –US$274.812 Million (Fiscal Year Ended 31 December 2020)
Net income –US$282.308 Million (Fiscal Year Ended 31 December 2020)
Total assets US$2.671 Billion (Fiscal Year Ended 31 December 2020)
Total equity US$2.037 Billion (Fiscal Year Ended 31 December 2020)
Number of employees 3,379 (2020)
Subsidiaries ChilliConnect

5.4 Parrot (143.2M $)

Table 5.3: Parrot
Type Public company
Traded as Euronext Paris: PARRO
Industry Wireless / UAV
Founded 1994; 27 years ago (1994) in Paris, France
Founders Christine/M De Tourvel
Jean-Pierre Talvard
Henri Seydoux
Headquarters Paris
Products Handsfree
miniature UAVs
Revenue €243 million, 2014
Number of employees 948 (2015)
Subsidiaries Parrot Drones
Parrot Automotive
EOS Innovation

5.5 Ambarella ( $)

Table 5.4: Ambarella
Type Public
Traded as Nasdaq: AMBA
Russell 2000 Component
Industry Semiconductors
Founded 2004 (2004)
Headquarters Santa Clara, California, United States
Key people Feng-Ming (Fermi) Wang (Founder and CEO)
Les Kohn (Founder and CTO)
Casey Eichler (CFO)
Chan Lee (VP of VLSI)
John Ju (VP of Software)
Didier LeGall (EVP)
Chris Day (VP of Mktg)
Prof. Alberto Broggi (GM VisLab)
Number of employees 750 (2019)

5.6 AeroVironment (1.9B $)

Table 5.5: AeroVironment
Type Public
Traded as Nasdaq: AVAV
S&P 600 component
Industry Aerospace industry
Energy industry
Founded 1971
Headquarters Arlington, Virginia, United States
Key people Paul B. MacCready Jr., Founder
Revenue US$ 394.912 million (2021)[1]
Operating income US$ 43.538 million (2012)
Net income US$ 14 million (estd.) (2021)
Total assets US$ 401.6 million (2021)
Total equity US$ 978.4 million (2020)

5.7 Surface Oncology (241.7M $)