Chapter 1 About

Estas son unas notas de clase escritas en Markdown para la docencia de Matemáticas I en el grupo de Excelencia del CEU

1.1 Usage

¡Disfrútalas y, si encuentras algún error, escríbeme a !

1.2 Render book

You can render the HTML version of this example book without changing anything:

  1. Find the Build pane in the RStudio IDE, and

  2. Click on Build Book, then select your output format, or select “All formats” if you’d like to use multiple formats from the same book source files.

Or build the book from the R console:


To render this example to PDF as a bookdown::pdf_book, you’ll need to install XeLaTeX. You are recommended to install TinyTeX (which includes XeLaTeX):

1.3 Preview book

As you work, you may start a local server to live preview this HTML book. This preview will update as you edit the book when you save individual .Rmd files. You can start the server in a work session by using the RStudio add-in “Preview book”, or from the R console: