8 Seminar Seven

How to design and conduct a systematic review - 24 step process

In the lecture this week you will have learnt about systematic review data synthesis techniques. In this seminar you will learn to apply these techniques in order to ascertain the overall estimate of effect of an intervention/exposure.

8.1 Task 1

Step 1: Summarize the characteristics of each study in a ‘Characteristics of included studies’ table

Individually select one of the articles in this folder and extract the intervention data into a characteristics of studies - intervention table.

8.2 Task 2

Step 2: Determine which studies are similar enough to be grouped within each comparison by comparing the characteristics across studies

Download the characteristics of studies - intervention table file onto your own OneDrive and colour code (highlight) the similarities across studies, looking for ‘natural’ ways to group the studies, before making comparisons of the estimate of effects (findings).

8.3 Task 3

Step 3: Determine what data/outcomes are available for synthesis

Using the same article you extracted the information for in task 1 extract the outcome data into a characteristics of studies - outcomes table.

8.4 Task 4a

Synthesize the characteristics of the studies contributing to each comparison - qualitatively

Open up a word document and write a draft results section based on your findings. You would typically start by providing a general overview of the studies included in the review (use a complete characteristics of studies table) before offering a more specific account of the main features, unfortunately, we have only extracted data on the interventions and outcomes today.

You can, however, write up the findings for each comparison/outcome using the information you have extracted today. Use step 2 to identify what studies you will group together based on the specific intervention features (i.e., similarities and differences), then use step 3 to determine whether the findings differ according to these features.

8.5 Task 4b

Synthesize the characteristics of the studies contributing to each comparison - quantitatively

Transfer the data collected in step 3 (outcome extraction) from excel to Jamovi.

How to perform a mean difference meta-analysis using JAMOVI