9 Seminar Eight

How to design and conduct a systematic review - 24 step process

In the lecture this week you will have learnt about the importance of developing a systematic review protocol.

9.1 Task 1

Over the last seven weeks you have been performing a number of tasks which have forced you to think about the design of your systematic review. Many of these tasks encouraged you to update the protocol template you were instructed to download and save in week one. Therefore, the majority of this document should now be written. This week is an opportunity to complete this document before you begin undertaking the review in preparation for your assessment submission.

Here is a completed example of a systematic review protocol for guidance

9.2 Task 2

Once you have completed the protocol please save a copy in the following folder/repository with the following filename year_surname_tutor_protocol (i.e., 2023_smith_miller_protocol) Staffordshire University Protocol Repository

9.3 Task 3

Once you have uploaded your protocol you can now official start your systematic review (assessment). We appreciate that some of your topics may be very large and as such we would encourage you to perform the review on a maximum of 20 studies (we recognise that this ignores the major principles of performing a systematic review and will increase the likelihood of selection bias, however, there is a finite amount of time available to conduct the review).

9.4 Task 4

Next week you will have the opportunity to book a one to one with your tutor to review your protocol and get formative feedback. Please email your tutor directly to arrange this, if you do not email we will assume you have declined the opportunity to receive feedback.