The Structure of this Book

I’ve organized this book in a way that (I believe) you will find it easy to navigate.

With R beginners in mind, firstly I will show you how to install R, RStudio, and a few important packages (Chapter 1). Next I will spend some time on some very basic coding, some of which I believe you might find helpful (Chapter 2). After that, I will show you various examples of how you can leverage RStudio to create clean, professional, and elegant plots for your Six Sigma projects (Chapters 3 and 4). Finally, I will show you how to run the most common hypothesis testing CI professionals usually deal with (Chapter 5). All along the way, depending on the type of data visualization that I’ll be working on, a few more elements of coding will be introduced, but only when necessary.

The objective of this book is to provide you with enough knowledge to run effective data analysis using R language, not to turn you into a data scientist or computer programmer wizard.