Using RStudio for Six Sigma Projects

Histograms, boxplots, run charts, Pareto, hypothesis testing, One-Way ANOVA, t-tests. As Six Sigma professionals, we are all very well aware of these terms and concepts, plus many more. Some of us have used analytics extensively during the DMAIC cycle of a project, specifically the Measure and Analyze phases. Some of us have used only the basic tools available in the vast Six Sigma toolbox. One thing is certain though: we have all struggled to showcase clean, compelling, and audience-friendly data visualization. Well, I know I have.

Without overwhelming the reader with code and techniques that are well beyond the scope of “essential,” this book attempts to give you just as much as I think you need to run analytics on your project with the power, versatility, and efficiency of R and RStudio.

This book will not help you to create Ishikawa diagrams, stakeholders’ analysis, or a RASCI matrix. It will however, I hope, help you to write simple lines of code that will support the analytics of your next DMAIC-based project.