Without a doubt, my appreciation for the many contributors to R and RStudio is difficult to describe. To the creators of ggplot2, bookdown, tidyverse, and other packages such as qicharts2 (there are too many to list here), my sincere thank you! You have all motivated me to pursue the art of coding in R, well into the night at times, and you have inspired me with your knowledge and dedication to the cause, in an open source, free, and sharing environment. A list of references with website links is provided at the end of the book.

During my first 20 years in a profession that I cherish so much, I have had too many interactions with too many inspiring colleagues to acknowledge each one personally. To eliminate the risk of leaving anyone out, I thank you all, my mentors, my peers, my coaches and my students. You have contributed to my growth and you have made it a fun ride thus far!

A big thanks to my editor and reviewer Nancy Lewis, who helped me with the very important little details of this modest book. To my technical reviewers, Travis Ratnam and Rod Morgan, thank you very much for your time and feedback regarding some of the contents found here.

I have to thank my family, a lot, for putting up with me when I insistently try to explain to them how the normal distribution applies to most phenomena in life, or for when I boxplotted (not an actual verb) the distances we walked daily during our first trip to Europe, or perhaps for making my very young daughters participate in a linear regression exercise on a Sunday afternoon.

My sincere gratitude to you all!