Meet the Author

Welcome to R Essentials for Six Sigma Analytics!

Hello, my name is Ramon; I have been working in Continuous Improvement (CI) for over 20 years. Over this period of time, I have tried to focus most of my work on data analytics for Six Sigma projects of all sizes. My passion for statistics and data analytics eventually led me to learn R and RStudio to perform analysis like I had never done before.

If you are like me, a Continuous Improvement professional (of any level), you have probably used a variety of statistical software and common spreadsheet programs to create simple run charts or perform say, a 2-sample t test. I have to tell you though, the joy that comes from coding in R, and from creating great looking and insightful plots (although sometimes challenging) is incomparable to using common and pre-packaged programs. And let’s not forget, R and RStudio (Integrated Development Environment or IDE) are open source, free, and robust statistical software, developed by dedicated professionals, and supported by a huge community of global users. Yes, I am a proud and enthusiastic user of R.

The Six Sigma Body of Knowledge (BOK) is extensive and by no means am I attempting to cover it completely. This book will only scratch the surface of the vast possibilities that R can provide any CI professional. I do hope however, that after reading this book and learning some basic coding and plotting techniques, you will be able to perform the basic tasks that we often perform in the field of Six Sigma, specifically during the Measure and Analyze phases of DMAIC-based projects. And I hope that you will have as much fun learning the contents of this book as I had writing it.

Happy learning!