3 Theory – Break the Boundary

Every discipline try to build a knowledge system to slove all relevent problems. However the problems always shared among multiple disciplines, that means we should break discipline boundaries.
For example, many IR theories just borrow from other disciplines, we’re better to find the original theory. Problems and sovling methods are unversal, can’t be defined by one or two disciplines.

3.1 Political Science

Governance, Power, Conflict,Legitimacy, Security,Regime
Realism: Sino-US ideology, military power

3.2 Economics

Trade, Exchange, Cooperation, Finance
Liberal institutionalism: Trade interdependence, Currency exchange problem.

3.3 Sociology

Habit,Norm, Community,Society,Bureaucracy,Social Mobility,Class,Urbanization

Constructivism/ English School: Soverignty Norm vs FON Norm

3.4 Psychology

Emotion, Character,Trust, Recognation, Idendity
Political Psychology: China’s role as a global or regional power,

3.5 Law

Treaty, Agreement,Obligation,Violation,Judgement, Procedure
International Law: UNCLOS, South China Sea Code of Conduct

3.6 Communication

Discourse Analysis, Context, Speech Act Theory
Copenhagen School: China’s acceptance of “Freedom of Navigation” discourse.