5 Policy Report / How to Verify the Fact

Reliable information is rare, and we need learn from journalism that at least two independent sources for mutual verification. Of course we do not need first-hand resource and interview witness or insiders, but we should keep vigilant and reflective.

5.1 Local Resources

We use Armenian-Azerbaijan conflict as an example. Fistly, Offical news agency from both side.
Armenian News Agency; Azerbaijan State News Agency

Armenia Azerbaijan Armenia Azerbaijan

Figure 5.1: Armenia Azerbaijan

Armenia: Asbarez, Aravot,Armenian Weekly

Azerbaijan: Azerbaijan, Birja, Hurriyyet

5.2 Regional Resources

TASS News Agency Anadolu Agency,Islamic Republic News Agency;Kazakhstan News Agency

Russian TASS ;Turkey Anadolu Russian TASS ;Turkey Anadolu

Figure 5.2: Russian TASS ;Turkey Anadolu

IRNA; Kazakhstan IRNA; Kazakhstan

Figure 5.3: IRNA; Kazakhstan

5.3 Local/Global Thinktank

Russian International Affairs Council;российский совет по международным делам   Russian Institute for Strategic Studies;
Qatar:Aljazeera; Israil: The Institure for National Security Studies
Turkey: SETA, TRT;
IRNA; Kazakhstan IRNA; Kazakhstan

Figure 5.4: IRNA; Kazakhstan

5.4 Global Tinktank

The Diplomat; Carnegie Center; Brookings; CSIS;Councile for Foreign Relations;
UK: Chathma House; EU:Brugel; 
French: Institut Françaisdes Relations Internationales, Institut de Relations Internationales et Stratégiques;
German: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik;Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung