7 Measurement is the foundation of all disciplines

Plato’s idea is the beginning of measurement. He persists the physical world is not real as the absolute conceptual world. All disciplines should start from a benchmark that’s the ideal type, so when we try to measure always remember the relativeness of the concept.

Mathematics starts from the measurement of length, area and volume, mostly from static perspective. After scientific revolution, we can measure changes,like calculus, linear algebra, topology, fluid shape,group theory from dynamic view.

Besides Mathematics, basically most discipline accept those static and dynamic view. But there is another way to category, that’s the scale. For example, in physics from particle,quantum mechanics to cosmology; in biology from molecular biology, cytology, ecology; In Social Science, human, society, state.

Why social science is much complex, the reason is obvious. Not like in physics or biology, microscope is mixed with macroscope. Behind this it’s conscious that we can build rules and make choices.

So the complexity from physics, biology to social science is increasing. I separate the measure to three levels, objective unit; interactive dyad; social network.

7.1 Objective Unit

From objective unit view to measure of economic element, we can use manufacturing value added.

7.2 Interactive Dyad

Bilateral trade data is more effective to measure economic interdependence and trade relations, compared with the first one.

7.3 Social Network

Social network I used Gephi is another level to descibe one country’s economic power in global society.

7.4 Geography-Space Method

Bring high granularity to micro level, surpass state-year data. http://globe.cid.harvard.edu/

7.5 Experiment,Simulation

Objective unit, interactive dyad, social network all belong to observational study. However we have another way to conduct our research, that’s experiment and simulation.