1 A Brief Introduction of Academic Articles

Academic articles have stark differences with the other regular articles. Now using some journals in International Relation field to explain.

1.1 Why International Relations

In morden era, all domestic history are global history.Even before it.
Q1: China first meet Greece Culture? Gandhara(犍陀罗) in Buddhism
Q2: Suona originally come from? 5th harmony’s “Worth it”,Zurna(唢呐)
Q3: David Vases and it’s relation with Chinese porcelian.(元青花)
Q4: China first meet Christianity? Kereit(克烈部)Nestorian
Q5: Communist International in China, Otto Braun, Heinz Neumann, Manabendra Nath Roy
Q6: Mandarin influenced by Manchu language, the origin of Manchu language

1.2 Top Journals In International Relations & Political Science

International Organization, International Studies Quarterly, Journal of Conflict Resolution, International Security,American Journal of Political Sicence, American Political Science Review, Journal of Peace Research, The Chinese Journal of International Politics, European Journal of International Relations, Conflict Management and Peace Science



Figure 1.1: IO & CJIP


Figure 1.2: QJIR & APSR

1.3 How to access

Jstor, Wiley, Taylor & Francis, Sage,Cambridge Core,Oxford Academic, Google Scholar, CNKI,万方,Semantic Scholar, Tsinghua Lib

1.4 Read Contents and Answer Questions

What are the academic frontiers ? Why those fields are important? What’s the motivation?

1.5 Structure of Article

Generally speaking, most papers share same structure.

Using IO’s newest article “Explaining Foreign Support for China’s Global Economic Leadership” as an example, can download from https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/international-organization/article/explaining-foreign-support-for-chinas-global-economic-leadership/C1157FD7E2C952D8F9E0342F5FC352E5

1.6 Key Point

Rule 1: Garbage in Garbage out

Rule 2: Being Critical