6 Hypothesis , Research Question & Literature Review

Hypothesis is a potential explanation to a phenomenon, and in a much more rigorous way. It’s the core of research design, after Research Question and Literature Review.
1,Hypothesis should be used in formal logic, if XXX ,then XXX.
2,Hypothesis should have clear boundaries and testable.
3,Hypothesis should never be regarded as certain events, and it’s must be theoretical.

6.1 With Research Question

Hypothesis is the potential explanation or mechanism to the Research Question.If we try to research what result in Nagorno-Karabakh War. We need follow the steps, Research Question, Literature Review, Theoretical Framework, Hypothesis.
Theoretical framework in literature is the most important resource to figure out the hypothesis.The meaning and contribution should start from existed research.

literature review & hypothesis

Figure 6.1: literature review & hypothesis

6.2 With Literature Review

After diving in the facts and literatures, we possiblely can have some hypotheses. Last time I introduced 3 steps of searching literatures, now we connect those with hypothesis building.

If you want to research Nagorno-Karabakh War, there are many structures we can use, like ethnic conflicts, new independent countries’ nation-buildings, or territorial conflicts. We can choose ethnic conflicts.

Inside international ethinic conflicts, then there are lots of possible hypotheses.Like ethinic diversity, regime, nationalism, economic imbalance, resource trap, cross-broder ethenic group, colonazation.The Main difference is the benchmark, that’s why firstly we need should choose problem domain. The problem domain determains our hypothesis boundary, and potential choices.

literature review & hypothesis

Figure 6.2: literature review & hypothesis

6.3 Rethinking Hypothesis

Should we take as much explanation as possible ?
Should we call one approach is the most convincing ?

6.4 Hypothesis & Proving

In social science, from the hypothesis to proving is much difficult. Circular argument is a serious problem. Another thing need to be clear is there is no way you can prove one research question, just one or two mechanism.
circular argument

Figure 6.3: circular argument

6.5 From Science

Try to introduce some explanations to obsity.
1, In evolutionary biology, in case of hunger or unstable envrionment, evolutionary selection make us to prefer high-calorie food, and feel more attractive.
2, Genomics, Ceratin genes can make our body much easier to store calorie.
3, Microbiology, Intestinal Flora affect our digestion procedures
4, Biochemistry, How stomach send the signals to our brain.
5, Neuroscience, How our brain handle incentive of food.refined/calorie
6, Medicine, Some disease can cuase obesity, like metabolism.
others, like diet, sleeping, pressure

6.6 From Social Science

1, Economics, food industry’s profit-orentiation and marketing enhance our preference.
2, Political Science, Interest Group, Lobbying affect the policy
3, Psychology, Pressure and our neuro-mental mechanism
4, Sociology, social class, inequality, popoular culture, habit
5, IR, Globalisation, the expansion of global suger.
6, Reflection, How BMI, obesity is defined and interpretation.