Data Access

BIDs and Derivative Directories

Log onto Sylvester

Your ID will be: USERNAME-analy

To get your password use the password recovery feature.

Here’s the general structure of the datasets:

|-- code/
    |-- # my code for generating scan list
    |-- STUDY.csv # full list of IDs with available scans
|-- derivatives/ # processed NIFTI images
    |-- pT1T2/ # these are the preprocessed images used in analyses i.e., freesurfer
      |-- sub-001/
        |-- sub-001_T1w.nii.gz
        |-- sub-001_inplaneT2w.nii.gz
    |-- freesurfer/
      |-- sub-001/
      |-- sub-002/
|-- sourcedata/ # This is where we should put PDF printouts from the scanner
|-- sub-001/ # BIDS organized raw NIFTI images
|-- sub-002/
dataset_description.json # general dataset description that should contain full study name, funding, and people
participants.json # demographics data dictionary
participants.tsv # demographics file

Output Tables

Github repositories are private. You will have to provide your GitHub username and the study name to be added as a collaborator.

Downloading the current dataset is simple and through GitHub’s version control you can keep track of files if they are updated.

Click on “Clone or download” and then click on “Download Zip”.