1.6 Who am I?

Like a pirate, I work best with a mug of beer within arms' reach.

Figure 1.5: Like a pirate, I work best with a mug of beer within arms’ reach.

My name is Nathaniel – not Nathan…not Nate…and definitely not Nat. I am a psychologist with a background in statistics and judgment and decision making. You can find my R (and non-R) related musings at http://ndphillips.github.io

1.6.1 Please consider a donation!

I am a huge proponent of open source software (like R) and open science. So a version of this book will always be freely available! That said translating and updating the book takes quite a bit of time. So if you like the book, and want to see it get even better with more pirate-speak and terrible jokes, consider throwing some gold my way at paypal.me/ThePiratesGuideToR, It really means a lot to me!

1.6.2 Acknowledgements

I am deeply indebted to many people for either directly or indirectly helping me make this book happen. I would especially like to thank Captain Thomas Moore and Captain Wei Linn for my early training in both statistics and R, Captain Hansjoerg Neth for teaching me LaTeX and ultimately inspiring me to write (I mean translate) this book, and Captain Dirk Wulff for teaching me almost everything I know about R. If I hadn’t been lucky enough to meet just one of these people, this book would not exist.