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The online version of this platform is licensed under the CC0 by Burak AYDIN.

1.1 Introduction

We aim to create a platform for the applied social scientists in which we can demonstrate basic statistical procedures using R (R Core Team 2016b) and real data. We prefer to name this material as a platform given that (a) it is open for contribution, (b) it will have dynamic content and (c) it can serve as a mainboard for Plug-ins and Add-ons .

This R material is created with Bookdown (Xie 2016), an advanced system constructed on R Markdown (Allaire et al. 2016) and the R language. We take advantage of these sources using R Studio (RStudio Team 2016).

1.1.1 Citation

There is a printed version of this interactive material. The printed version has more contents, it includes learning objectives and exercise questions in each chapter. The printed version also has additional notes, explanations and helpful tips. To cite this source please use;

Aydin, B., Algina, J., Leite, W. L., & Atilgan, H. (2018). An R Companion: A Compact Introduction for Social Scientists. Ankara: ANI Publishing.

1.1.2 Why Bookdown?

With bookdown, it is possible to create visually pleasant materials that can incorporate what R is capable of, for example shiny applications and advanced graphs. These materials can be crafted into different formats such as PDFs, html or word. The books created with markdown can be hosted on Git Hub; in which, users can offer their contribution. Bookdown is one of the new generation tools to craft a book.

1.1.3 Content

With this beta version of the material, we cover

  • Setting up R for windows
  • R Basics
  • Data sets
  • Descriptive Analysis and Hypthoses Testing
  • The t-test
  • Introduction to Analysis of Variance
  • Correlation
  • Introduction to Multiple Linear Regression

These topics are not covered in a textbook fashion. At most, they can serve as a companion to textbooks or graduate level courses.


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