A note from the authors: Some of the information and instructions in this book are now out of date because of changes to Hugo and the blogdown package. If you have suggestions for improving this book, please file an issue in our GitHub repository. Thanks for your patience while we work to update the book, and please stay tuned for the revised version!

In the meantime, you can find an introduction to the changes and new features in the v1.0 release blog post and this "Up & running with blogdown in 2021" blog post.

— Yihui, Amber, & Alison

Chapter 2 Hugo

In this chapter, we will briefly introduce Hugo (https://gohugo.io), the static site generator on which blogdown is based. This chapter is not meant to replace the official Hugo documentation, but provide a guide to those who are just getting started with Hugo. When in doubt, please consult the official Hugo documentation.