Originally I planned to write only one sentence in this section: “I thank Tareef.” This book and the blogdown package would not be completed without Tareef, the president of RStudio. He has been “gently nudging” me every week since the day one of blogdown. As a person without strong self-discipline and working remotely, I benefited a lot from weekly meetings with him. He also gave me a lot of good technical suggestions on improving the package. Actually he was one of the very earliest users of blogdown.

Of course, I’d like to thank RStudio for the wonderful opportunity to work on this new project. I was even more excited about blogdown than bookdown (my previous project). I started blogging 12 years ago, and have used and quit several tools for building websites. Finally I feel satisfied with my own dog food.

Many users have provided helpful feedback and bug reports through GitHub issues ( Two of my favorites are and Some users have also contributed code and improved this book through pull requests ( You can find the list of contributors at Although blogdown is a relatively new package, many users followed my advice and started asking questions on StackOverflow ( I appreciate all your help, patience, and understanding.

For this book, I was fortunate enough to work with my co-authors Amber and Alison, who are exceptionally good at explaining things to beginners. That is the ability I desire most. Needless to say, they have made this book more friendly to beginners. Besides, Sharon Machlis contributed some advice on search engine optimization in this book (

For some reason, a part of the R community started to adopt the “sticker-driven development” model when developing packages. I was hoping blogdown could have a hexbin sticker, too, so I asked for help on Twitter ( and got tons of draft logos. In particular, I want to thank Thomas Lin Pedersen for his hard work on a very clever design. The final version of the logo was provided by Taras Kaduk and Angelina Kaduk, and I truly appreciate it.

This is the third book I have published with my editor at Chapman & Hall/CRC, John Kimmel. I always love working with him.

Yihui Xie
Elkhorn, Nebraska