Chapter 6 Errors of observation: Construct validity

6.1 What is it that we measure

One concern of WAS data is that they are used to infer behavior and attitudes that cannot not directly be observed. We will discuss the idea of the “inferential leap” between what ought to be measured and what WAS data actually measure.

6.2 Inference of behavior from WAS data

Certain types of behaviors can be directly and precisely observed with WAS, e.g., smartphone usage behavior and app usage. Other behaviors have to be inferred from data from multiple sensors, e.g., sleep, physical activity.

6.3 Inference of attitudes and other subjective phenomena from WAS data

Attitudes and other subjective phenomena cannot be directly observed with WAS. Researchers still use WAS to infer, for example, personality based on the apps people use on their smartphone.

6.4 References