Chapter 9 Analysis of WAS data

9.1 Accessing the data

We discuss how data from WAS can be accessed. Different ways of transferring the data from a device to a researcher’s database are presented, including apps that automatically transfer the data to the cloud on a regular basis, syncing via third-party platforms, such as Fitabase, and data donation.

9.2 Data preparation

We discuss what steps are necessary in the preparation of different types of WAS data, including, for example, geolocation, acceleration, and audio data. Data preparation includes cleaning the data, dealing with missing data, reformatting the data (e.g., aggregating data by time and/or location).

9.3 Basic analysis

We present examples of basic analytical steps when working with different types of WAS data. We will use examples of research questions from our own research as well as publicly available data from the NIH AllofUs study.

9.4 References