Chapter 2 Data collection and technology

2.1 Devices, Wearables

We provide an introduction into the technology used in different types of devices that can be used for data collection, including smartphones, smart watches, and fitness trackers. We discuss pros and cons of using different consumer- and research-grade devices for data collection.

2.2 Sensors

We discuss how different types of sensing technology work, including actigraphy, geolocation measurement, and audio sensing. We show how the information from multiple sensors can be used to infer different types of behavior, such as sleep and mobility.

2.3 Apps

We discuss the role of apps on smartphones and other smart devices for collecting, aggregating, and processing data on the device. We include a discussion of the pros and cons of programming a new app vs. using existing apps.

2.4 Self-reports

We discuss how data collection with WAS can be combined and enriched with self-reports, for example, using Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) methods and geofencing.

2.5 References