About the Authors

Tomás J. Aragón is the health officer of the City and County of San Francisco, and director of the Population Health Division (PHD) at the San Francisco Department of Public Health.4 Striving to embody and promote the universal values of dignity, equity, compassion and humility, he works to convene, connect and catalyze communities and institutions to transform narratives, policies and systems toward a sustainable culture of equity, healing and health for all people and our planet. As health officer, he exercises leadership and legal authority to protect and promote equity and health. As PHD director, he directs public health services. He teaches population health data science (with R) at the University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health. He maintains a public health blog with a practice-based focus on population health equity, leadership, lean,5 and data science at https://taragonmd.github.io.

  1. https://www.sfdph.org

  2. Lean is systematically developing people to solve problems and consuming the fewest possible resources while continuously improving processes to provide value to community members and prosperity to society. To learn more visit https://www.lean.org/.